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guuthulhu's gameplay for Two Worlds II (PS3)

guuthulhu played Two Worlds II

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guuthulhu said...
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I decided to shelve Hunted because it was boring move on to Two Worlds 2. I had great troubles with the installation. The game data kept being corrupted before it would finish. After about 40 minutes, it eventually worked, updated, and I was able to play.

The voice acting is far superior than the previous game. I'm not liking how cut scenes and some dialog will promptly end, as if skipped, nearly all the time. Some animations also aren't lining up with the audio during cut-scenes, so this really appears sloppy work.

I haven't gotten far. I had just spoken with the oracle and am to go to my room for the night. The gameplay is quite fun, actually, and I -do- look forward to playing it, despite the shoddy cinematics.
Two Worlds II

Two Worlds II (PS3)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 25/JAN/11
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